Tour of the Gila Bike Race

Tour of the Gila – One of the most difficult races in North America due to it’s mountainous terrain and elevation, Tour of the Gila is a great “A” race for many cyclists, preparing them for the racing season. It is one of only a handful of UCI-sanctioned races in the United States, appealing to both amateur and master racers. The Tour of the Gila is a five-day stage race with courses not unlike those on the World Tour. This website includes information on race as well as lots of info on other local attractions and activities.

Sapillo Creek Escape sits directly on the Tour of the Gila race route. It’s the perfect spot to stay if you’re training for the race, as the course is right outside our front door! We welcome extended stays; please email us to discuss the opportunities.

Our home is also a great spot to stay to watch the race, as you can sit on our living room deck and watch the bikers race by on the road below.

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